Young 2014 – Warwickshire School of Art

Warwickshire School of Art Award

Our 2014 winner was James Reeves who also went  on to Edinburgh, though  to study fashion. We were exceptionally impressed by his work. Inspiration for his final show work came from an old family album of photos and memorabilia going back more than a century. He became fascinated by the idea of what is told or shown and what remains hidden; what shows through most strongly. Using images from photographs and ideas from his research, he decorated three coordinating pieces. There was a vest, a shirt and an over waistcoat, all made of the same fine and semi transparent fabric. Not only was the thinking behind his work interesting, but also the skills in embroidery, photography and tailoring make him a most worth winner of our award.

young_2015_James_Reeves_work James Reeves receiving the RLSDFAS award.

James Reeves receiving the RLSDFAS award.