Vols – Alfred Herbert

Alfred Herbert Art Gallery Coventry


Over the last six months the Herbert group from The Arts Society Royal Leamington Spa completed a project to curtain off taxidermy shelves to allow dust free open storage of the collection.

Following on from this, two members have been removing specimens from their boxes and securing them into foam stands. The taxidermy is now much more accessible and better stored.

Over winter the whole group had a change of scene and worked at the Herbert’s sister museum, Coventry Transport Museum. In the recently redeveloped museum many of the bicycles and motorbikes are on open display and were proving too much of a temptation to touch. The group designed and created clear saddle covers for the most vulnerable bikes and had a lot of fun working with the very noisy and squeaky plastic material.

Any spare time has been filled up with the mainstay of work for the museum by The Arts Society group – padded hangers. We now have a lovely set ready to use for the existing collection, or new donations.