Update – February 2017

Dear Member,

Next Wednesday on the 1st March not only will we have the pleasure of listening to Jane Tapley telling us about social life in Spa Towns, which I am sure will be illustrated with some beautiful images, but you can bring your guests for free as compensation for not being able to bring a guest to the lecture last November.

On the 1st March, Ann Pitt will be selling tickets for the trip to Renishaw Hall on the 10th May and Rosemary Langman will be selling the last few remaining tickets for the tea party at Binswood Audley on the 22nd  March.

I know that many of you receiving this will not have had the great pleasure of being entertained and educated in equal measure by Mary Alexander last week. However, there is a link to the reading list of texts and venues which Mary mentioned at the foot of this update and I know that some members who heard Mary are not able to come on the 1st March. Kate Varney is to be congratulated and thanked for planning this event and the lovely colours of the Côte d’Azur brightened a February day.

If anyone has not visited the Nadfas website (www.nadfas.org.uk/branding) and wants to know a little more about what lies behind our rebranding, I shall be doing a 10 minute presentation at 10.30am and 1.30pm on the 1st March in the auditorium where we have our lectures. This will include part of the Nadfas video.

If you wish to attend any of the National AGM events in May and cannot find details of these, please tell a committee member and we shall send you the information.

Best wishes,
Felicity Furber (Chairman).

Click here for Reading List, Riviera Paradise (PDF)