Study – previous13/14

In February 2015 a study day was given, at the Glebe Hotel, Barford, by Anne Howarth, entitled ‘Spain, a history of Art, Power and Passion – A Memory of Al Andalus’.  This was chosen to link with  our short break to Andalucia, and gave us a good deal of information about many of the places we later visited. It also covered  the history, geography, art and architecture of the area.
In November 2014, at the same hotel, Ann Clements presented a most illuminating day to us on ‘ Three Scandinavian Painters – Splendour and Surprises’- featuring the painters Anders Zorn, Karl Larsson and Wilhelm Hammershoi. It was a most enlightening day, prompting several questions from the audience, and giving people an insight into a somewhat hitherto little known genre of painting.
In November 2013 our study day was  given by Anne Howarth, and was entitled ‘3000 Years of Chinese Civilisation’. It covered art, history and culture from the Quin Shi Huang Di dynasty (259 – 210 BC) to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was a most interesting and informative day which we enjoyed very much.